Panic Buying Sweeps Stores Ahead Of 'Janata Curfew'

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Panic Buying Sweeps Stores Ahead Of 'Janata Curfew
The terror of the coronavirus is rising among the common people. Despite the appeal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, people are panic-buying and hoarding essential goods items.

On Friday, people in several markets in Delhi were seen buying foodstuff and items of daily need.

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In his address to the nation, PM Modi had appealed to people to avoid hoarding but despite this, people are hoarding food and beverage items in their homes.

People are shopping at grocery stores in several markets in capital Delhi because of the dread surrounding the coronavirus. Stocks are getting over in stores due to the panic buying of daily needs items.

When Ritu reached a store to buy household essentials, she did not get all the items there.

Shopkeeper Shyam Arora said that single family is buying 10 packets of salt. Another shopkeeper, Sunil Chaddha, said that terror is being spread through the mobile application WhatsApp.

The Central government and the Delhi government have stated clearly that strict action will be taken if attempts at hoarding are made with the intention of black-marketing.

However, among the common people, the fast-spreading terror related to the coronavirus is growing instead of reducing and that is why they are hoarding rations in their homes.

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