'Period Feast' Organised By Menstruating Women In Delhi

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'Period Feast' Organised By Menstruating Women In
A unique program was organised in east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar in protest against the misogynistic statement of Swami Krishna Swaroop, who is connected with Gujarat’s Swaminarayan Temple.

In this program, food was cooked by menstruating women while wearing white aprons with the words, ‘I Am Menstruating’ written on them. The aim was to counter superstitions related to menstruation, which have taken root in society.

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In the ‘Mahabhoj’ (banquet/feast) held in Mayur Vihar’s Central Park at 12 p.m on Sunday, women on their periods cooked food. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also participated in this feast and ate food along with those women who had prepared it.

Women’s organisation Sacchi Saheli specifically asked menstruating women to cook food at the feast, in order to dispel myths and counter misogynistic statements.

This feast had been organised in response to the absurd statement of Swami Krishna Swaroop, who had said that women who cook food while they are on their periods are born as female dogs in the next life and men who eat such food are reborn as bullocks.

Swami’s statement, while being misogynistic, was also a manifestation of the myths and superstitions related to menstruation and it was severely criticised. 

Swami Krishna Swaroop runs a college in Gujarat’s Bhuj, where female staff had recently compelled 60 girls to strip if they were menstruating.

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