Rain In Delhi-NCR Brings Mercury Down

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Rain In Delhi-NCR Brings Mercury Down
After a mild week-long break from cold in Delhi-NCR and North India, the weather has turned colder due to rainfall. Severe cold conditions have been prevailing in Delhi.

According to the Met Office, cold will increase again between January 8 and 11, while there is a possibility of rainfall and hail storm on January 7 and 8, due to which the temperature will plummet.

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Due to Western Disturbances, the weather in Delhi-NCR has changed from Sunday evening and there is cloud cover over the region. From January 9, the effect of Western Disturbances will end but there will be fog.

In Delhi, the temperature was 13 degrees Celsius on Tuesday morning and according to the Met Office, the minimum temperature is expected to remain 10 degrees Celsius. People say that there is a lot of cold and pollution in Delhi-NCR and they are facing many difficulties due to the sudden change in weather.

It has been snowing in several parts of Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir, due to which cold has increased once more in Delhi and its surrounding areas. According to people, their daily activities have been affected by the cold and unseasonal rain.

A red alert for snowfall has been issued in Uttarakhand. The Met Office has also issued a warning for rain and snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. 

People in Delhi-NCR have had some respite from pollution due to the sudden change in weather and there has also been a decline in the quality of polluted air. People will get further relief from polluted air in the coming days due to rainfall.

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