Uproar As Rajinikanth Shoots 'Man Vs Wild' In Bandipur National Park

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Rajnikanth Faces Flak During 'Man Vs Wild' Shoot I
While fans of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in South India were earlier enthused by reports of him featuring in the new episode of Bear Grylls’ famous show ‘Man vs Wild’, they are now opposing it vehemently. 

This is because the shooting for the show will take place in Bandipur’s Kalkere and Mulleholle forest ranges (in Karnataka), which are counted among the country’s most environmentally-sensitive areas. The number of tigers and other wild animals here is among the highest in the world.

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The area where Bear Grylls and Rajinikanth are shooting is very vulnerable in terms of the environment. Wildlife activists are opposing the shoot tooth and nail because of the presence of dried grass here, which could lead to forest fires. They say that shooting in such a sensitive zone, with a large number of crew members, could endanger the lives of animals.

Commenting on the shooting of the show at this time, environmentalist Joseph Hoover said that forest fires can spread in this season and so, people should understand that jungles cannot tampered with at this time. Hoover also said that jungles in Karnataka have suffered much damage from fires in the past too, due to the negligence of the Forest Department. 

Opposing this show, a pro-Kannada group set on fire an effigy of Rajinikanth. 

Karnataka suffered extensive damage over 4,800-hectare area due to forest fires in sensitive forest zones in the years 2013, 2017 and 2019. Given these figures, wildlife activists remain concerned about a repeat of such accidents.