RWAs Troubling Domestic Helps Despite Govt's Green Signal

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RWAs Troubling Domestic Helps Despite Govt's Green
The Home Ministry had given permission to domestic helps to work during Lockdown 4.0. In the guidelines, it was mentioned that they will be allowed to work in homes in Red, Green and Orange zones.

Despite this, domestic helps are being denied entry into several societies in Delhi-NCR. Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs), which effectively run housing societies, have begun harassing domestic helps by making arbitrary rules.

In one viral video, it is being claimed that domestic helps do not have permission to use the lift in high-rise buildings and they are being compelled to climb stairs.

According to the National Sample Survey Office data, 39 lakh people were working in homes across the country in 2011-12. Among them, there were 26 lakh women and 13 lakh men. Their numbers have increased further in recent years.

Several domestic helps have alleged that they did not get their salaries in the 60-day lockdown and now, after concessions in the lockdown, RWAs are putting a stumbling block in their path.

They are being asked to produce medical reports and also download the Aarogya Setu mobile app. But most domestic helps do not even own smartphones.

Due to this high-handedness of RWAs, the most problems are being caused to the elderly and the sick.

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