Sambhar Lake Death Toll Crosses 17,000

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Sambhar Lake Death Toll Crosses 17,000
In Jaipur’s Sambhar Lake, the country’s largest saltwater lake, the number of dead birds is constantly increasing. Till now, more than 17,000 indigenous and migratory birds have died. Though, experts argue that number could be much higher to around 50,000.

On Tuesday, 578 dead birds were taken out, while 500 sick birds were sent to the rescue centre. But the real reason for bird deaths has still not been found out.

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A large number of migratory birds visit the Sambhar Lake each year in the winter months. In view of this, the 13th conference on Conservation of Migratory Species is going to be organised in India in February 2020, in which the migratory birds coming to Sambhar Lake are very important. 

It has been more than 20 days since bird deaths in the Sambhar Lake began but till now the Forest Department does not have any real explanation for it. According to experts, bird deaths in large numbers are occuring due to a disease called Avian Botulism. The Forest Department says that bird deaths are occurring due to viral and bacterial infection.

The matter will be heard in the High Court on November 22. 

Among the dead birds are 32 species of indigenous and migratory birds who fly thousands of miles to reach the Sambhar Lake each year. These include birds like Marsh Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Lesser Whistling Duck, Indian Eagle, Owl and Flamingo.

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