Saudi Arabia Ends Death Penalty For Minors

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Saudi Arabia Ends Death Penalty For Minors
Saudi Arabia will henceforth not impose the death penalty on minors for crimes committed by them.

Citing a decree by King Salman, the kingdom’s Human Rights Commission has released a statement informing about this decision.

Saudi Human Rights Commission president Awwad Alawwad said, “Now, minors will not be given the death sentence for crimes committed by them. Instead, minors convicted of crimes will get a punishment of less than 10 years and the judicial process will be completed.”

He called this decision an important step for Saudi Arabia. He said, “This decision, along with helping establish a Modern Penal Code, is committed to reforms in all major sectors.”

According to a report by Al Jazeera, it is not clear yet when this decree by King Salman will come into force.

Saudi Arabia has said, “Giving the death sentence to people below the age of 18 years for crimes committed by them is a violation of child rights as determined by the United Nations, which has been sanctioned by Saudi Arabia.”

Prior to this, Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court had also ended the practice of giving physical punishments/flogging to criminals and provisions for jail terms for them are being made.

The court says that the decisions of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman are aimed at bringing about changes and this is a part of his efforts towards the same.

In April 2019, Saudi Arabia had declared 37 people guilty on charges of terrorism. At the time, the United Nations Human Rights Commission had criticized this.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission president had said, “The majority of those convicted were Shia Muslims. They were punished without conducting an impartial probe into this case and among them, there were atleast three minors.” 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has started a series to bring about changes in social and economic policies and as part of this, efforts are being made to modernise a conservative state.

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