Six Children Go Missing Every Hour In India: Centre

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Six Children Go Missing Every Hour In India: Centr
In the past six years, more than 3 lakh children went missing in the country. This figure has been released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in the Lok Sabha. 

In simple terms, 145 children go missing every day and six children disappear each hour from various parts of the country. This frightening reality of missing children has come to light after recent figures were presented in Parliament. 

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According to the new statistics by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, 3,18,748 children went missing between January 1, 2014 and December 4, 2019. 

The largest number of cases of missing children was in Madhya Pradesh, where 52,272 children disappeared in six years.

In West Bengal 47,744, in Gujarat 43,665, in capital Delhi 37,418, in Karnataka 24,478, in Uttar Pradesh 23,802, in Maharashtra 18,530 and in Tamil Nadu 13,534 children went missing in six years.

In the same duration, not a single case of missing children came to light in the north-eastern states of Manipur and Nagaland. In Mizoram 14, in Arunachal Pradesh 53, in Tripura 122, in Sikkim 279 and in Assam 2,616 such cases were registered.

Among centrally-administered states, no case of missing children was registered in the past six years in Lakshadweep, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Meanwhile, 57 children in Daman and Diu, 131 in Puducherry, 269 in Jammu and Kashmir and 533 children in Chandigarh went missing.

These figures reveal that organised rackets are behind the disappearance of children, who are later pushed into child labour, sex trade, and begging. Apart from this, organised rackets which are behind the practise of illegal adoption of kids by childless couples are also responsible for the disappearance of children.

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