Smuggler Held With Rare Animal Species At Chennai Airport

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Smuggler Held With Rare Animal Species At Chennai
Smuggling of animals of rare species from Thailand to India shows no signs of abating.

The Customs Department posted at Chennai International Airport has busted the second animal smuggling racket in just one month. Thirteen animals have been seized from smuggler Ibrahim Shah, who has been arrested. Seven of these animals are of rare species and among them are one albino frog, three tarantula spiders, an African squirrel and a Mexican green iguana.

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Customs officers have rescued these animals, are taking care of them and are making arrangements to feed them. Doctors looking after them say that all animals are healthy. 

According to officers, all the animals that have been seized will be sent back to Bangkok, Thailand. They expressed the hope that the animals will be safely released back into the wild.

A similar case had come to light on January 23, when more than 21 animals of exotic species had been seized from smugglers at Chennai airport. The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau of the Ministry of Environment and Forests has now become active because of repeated incidents of animal smuggling.