Southwest Monsoon Has Begun Its Retreat After Breaking Records

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This year saw more than normal monsoon rains. This year, the monsoon rains were the heaviest in the past 25 years. But just as the onset of the monsoon was delayed in June this year, similarly, the dates of its retreat have seen changes.

According to the Met Office, the monsoon is expected to retreat by Thursday, October 10. 

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Despite the late onset of the monsoon this year, 10% more rains than normal were recorded. Many areas of the country recorded very little rainfall in the month of June. However, in the month of September, 14 states in the country were dealing with heavy rainfall and floods. The month of September this year became the month with the maximum rainfall in the last 102 years.

Speaking of the retreat of the monsoon, the Met Office has predicted that by October 20, the monsoon will withdraw from all areas in the country. The retreat has begun from the second week of October itself.

In the normal course, each year, the monsoon begins its retreat from September 1 and by September 30, it withdraws fully. Earlier, in 1961, that is 58 years ago, the monsoon had retreated in the month of October.

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