Staff Shortage: Only 198 Police Personnel Per Lakh Population

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Staff Shortage: Only 198 Police Personnel Per Lakh
The Bureau of Police Research and Development, which works under the Home Ministry, has released statistics for police forces in the country till January 1, 2019. According to these statistics, there are only 198 police personnel to ensure the safety of 1 lakh people.

The country needs a total of 25,95,435 police personnel but only 20,67,270 personnel are currently on duty and 5,28,165 posts for police personnel are lying vacant across the country.

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The state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) fares worst in terms of law and order. Over here, 4,14,492 police personnel are needed to maintain law and order but only 2,94,495 personnel are deployed, and 1,19,997 posts are still lying vacant. According to statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau, 5,85,157 cases were registered in the year 2018 in Uttar Pradesh. These figures reveal the state of law and order in UP.

In West Bengal, there are 1,51,211 sanctioned posts for police personnel but the responsibility to maintain law and order is on the shoulders of 96,187 police personnel, and 55,024 posts are lying vacant. A total of 1,88,063 cases were registered in the state in 2018. West Bengal also severely lags behind in terms of law and order.

The situation is dire in Bihar, where there are 1,40,674 sanctioned posts but only 86,639 police personnel have been recruited, and 54,000 posts are lying vacant. Law and order is in an abyss here, with 2,62,815 cases being registered in 2018.

In Telangana, there are 81,647 sanctioned posts but only 53,115 police personnel are currently serving and 28,532 posts are awaiting recruitment. In 2018, 1,26,858 cases for violation of Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections and state laws were registered here.

In Maharashtra, 28,431 police personnel are yet to be recruited. Here, against the sanctioned strength of 2,41,813 police personnel, only 2,13,382 posts have been filled. According to statistics, 5,15,674 cases were registered in the state in 2018 and law and order is in poor shape here.

While states across the country are facing a paucity of police personnel, in the north-eastern state of Nagaland, there are more personnel than have been sanctioned. Over here, the total number of sanctioned posts is 31,248 but 32, 356 personnel have been recruited. In terms of law and order, Nagaland is a very peaceful state and only 1,775 cases were registered here in 2018.