Sugarcane Farmers Protest In Moradabad

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Sugarcane Farmers Protest In Moradabad
Moradabad's sugarcane farmers protest against the government over non-fixation of sugarcane prices. Farmers allege sugarcane slips are being distributed without fixing their prices and have threatened to burn sugarcane on the roads if their demands are not met.

The farmers have demanded that the government set a price for sugarcane by November 30 or else they will protest in the entire western U.P. by burning the sugarcane crop from December 1.

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The farmers also demonstrated in front of the Moradabad Commissioner’s office; they came from five districts of U.P. Their payment for sugarcane is stalled and now, they are being given sugarcane slips without the price of sugarcane on them.

U.P. is first in the country in terms of sugarcane production. Fifty percent of all sugarcane production in the country is done in U.P. Here, 35 lakh farmers are into sugarcane cultivation and there are about 119 sugar mills. Each year, 1,850 tonnes of sugarcane is produced in U.P.

Sugarcane farmers keep demonstrating against fraud by mill owners and for setting a minimum support price from time to time.

U.P.’s Yogi government had accused the previous government of weakening sugarcane committees, due to which the sugarcane mafia had become dominant and black marketing of sugarcane slips began. The Yogi government had promised to stop all this and increase the scope of sugarcane farming. 

However, the government’s claims seem to be proven wrong once more. Neither has the black-marketing of sugarcane chits stopped nor have farmers benefited from sugarcane farming.

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