Surpassing Russia, India Now Third Worst-Hit Nation By COVID-19; Death Toll Nears 20,000

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Surpassing Russia, India Now Third Worst-Hit Natio
India has surpassed Russia as the third-worst hit country by COVID-19 globally.

The Coronavirus cases crossed 697,000 while the death toll is close to 20,000.

Meanwhile, total infections in Russia stand at around 681,000 and about 10,000 have died.

Brazil and America are only two countries above India in the list of Coronavirus affected countries. There are 1.6 million cases in Brazil and 29 million in the US.

Experts believe that if the ambit of COVID-19 testing is increased in India, then Brazil is likely to be left behind.

Trends so far suggest that the Central and State governments have failed miserably in preventing infection. Despite the passage of three months, the number of coronavirus patients is increasing rather than decreasing. More than 24,000 cases were found for the second day running on Monday.

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