Tea-Seller Turns Into Guardian Of Communal Harmony

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Tea-Seller Turns Into Guardian Of Communal Harmony
At a time when houses, shops were being burnt and people were chased for their life in North East Delhi, a tea-seller in Bhajanpura turned into a guardian for 14 Muslim families who had to flee their homes. 

Prashant, from the Gali Peerwali of Bhajanpura, protected the homes of 14 Muslim families of his locality after they fled their homes once communal riots erupted.

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Prashant, who owns a tea shop, kept a vigil on his neighbouring Muslim houses during the night. Throughout the day, he would sell tea and keep an eye on people and at night, he would watch over the area along with his friends from an auto. 

There are several localities in communal violence-hit north-east Delhi where homes of Hindu and Muslim families are located close together. 

According to reports, rioters would attack Bhajanpura again and again but their attempts would be foiled each time by the common sense and understanding displayed by the locality’s Hindus and Muslims.

Rioters tried repeatedly to enter Bhajanpura but this was prevented due to the unity shown by the area’s Hindu and Muslim communities.

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