Trump Threatens Visa Sanctions On Nations Refusing Deportees

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Trump Threatens Visa Sanctions On Nations Refusing
Amid the ongoing worldwide fight against the coronavirus, the United States has added to India’s problems.

The Trump administration wants people staying illegally in the US to be deported within a week.

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Adopting a threatening tone, the Trump administration has said that countries which don’t do this should be ready for consequences.

India’s troubles have increased due to this edict by the Trump administration because a large number of Indians are staying illegally in the US.

According to a 2018 report of the US Department of Homeland Security, Indian citizens are the fourth-largest illegal migrant group living in the US. Their total number in the US is around 4 lakh 70 thousand.

Bringing back such a large illegal population is very difficult at a time when international flights have been suspended.

According to media reports, if the Trump administration does not change its decision or if India does not revoke the ban on international travel, then there could be a massive deduction in the number of visas issued to Indians in the coming days.

Now, the government of India is trying to convince the Trump government that it will begin deportation of illegal Indians as soon as international flights resume.

Figures reveal that after 2010, there has been a 75% spike in the number of illegal Indians in the US.

The highest infiltration into the US takes place from its neighbouring countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Meanwhile, Indian citizens try to infiltrate into the US by covering a distance of around 15,000 km.

In October 2019, around 300 Indians had been apprehended at the US-Mexico border and deported back to Delhi.

Among them, most were from states such as Haryana and Punjab, who were trying to go to the US in the hope of a better life after paying lakhs of rupees to travel agents.

According to US Customs and Border Patrol, in the year 2018, around 9,000 Indian citizens had been apprehended at the US-Mexico border. They had been trying to enter the US illegally.

Statistics show that the infiltration into the US by Indian citizens has increased sharply in recent years.

In 2015, around 2,700 Indian citizens had been apprehended at the US-Mexico border but in 2018, this figure increased to 8,977. 

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