Post-Graduates Apply For Sanitation Workers Jobs

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Post-Graduates Apply For Sanitation Workers Job
The rising unemployment in the country has reached such levels that post-graduates in commerce and engineering degree-holders are ready to become safai karmachari or sanitation workers.

Several degree-holders like Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science, Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Commerce have applied for the posts of sanitation workers in Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation.

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Recently, the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation has announced 549 vacancies for sanitation workers. The Corporation has received 7,000 applications from various parts of the state for these vacancies, among which are B.Sc and M.Sc graduates and engineering degree-holders.

Among these, many applicants are already employed as sanitation workers with private companies. But they have applied to Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation in hopes of landing a government job.

These degree-holders say that since they did not get jobs based on their abilities and qualifications, they have no other option but to become sanitation workers.

The rate of unemployment has reached historic levels in the current government. Recently, the Centre for Sustainable Development of Azim Premji University had claimed in its report that in the last six years, 90 lakh jobs have been lost and that this has happened in the country for the first time after independence.

This is the reason why despite possessing the best professional degrees, youth in India are ready to become sanitation workers.

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