US: President Trump Says He Will Leave White House If Electoral College Votes Biden

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US: President Trump Says He Will Leave White House
US President Donald Trump on Thursday said that the outcome of the election is difficult to accept, but if Joe Biden wins the electoral college votes, he will leave the White House.

Trump asserted that it would be a big mistake in history if the electoral college elected Biden as the US President. He also raised doubts over Biden getting 8 crore votes by tweeting and then again reiterated his unfounded claims of election fraud. 

Donald Trump said that he had all the evidence to prove the election result in his favor. He said that he won this election with huge votes. He also claimed that American citizens know that the election has been rigged.

He said that this election was a hoax and has been rigged extensively. Asked if he would attend the inauguration of Biden on January 20 next year. He said that I know the answer to this question, but I do not want to answer it yet.

On the other hand, newly elected President Joe Biden has also announced the names of his new cabinet, but his rival and current US President Donald Trump is not yet ready to give up. Biden will officially take charge as the US President on January 20.

Since November 3, President Trump has been challenging the election results in the courts but he has not won any of the cases. The States have started certifying their results and in about two weeks, on December 14, Electoral College will be voting for the President's election.

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