Uttarakhand Government To Issue Notice To Patanjali Over 'Coronavirus Cure'

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Uttarakhand Government To Issue Notice To Patanjal

After the Union Ministry of AYUSH, Baba Ramdev and his company Patanjali have also received a severe blow from the Uttarakhand government. The Ayurveda Department of Uttarakhand government says that Patanjali was issued a license for immunity boosters, cough and fever medicine, and not for coronavirus. The Uttarakhand government is now going to issue a notice to Patanjali to ask how it got permission to make the corona kit.

Earlier, the AYUSH Ministry had stopped the promotion of Patanjali's 'corona kit or coronil' and sought complete information about the drug which is allegedly effective in curing COVID-19. The Ministry of AYUSH has said that there is no information on what kind of scientific study was conducted to while making the drug. 

Baba Ramdev claims that 'Patanjali is the first ayurvedic institute to bring coronavirus medicine in the market after extensive study and research of herbs.' Ramdev claimed that 'coronil' during clinical trials showed 100% results.

In his claim, Ramdev said that coronavirus patients were cured 100% within seven days after taking the 'coronil' medicine. During the launch of the medicine, Patanjali said, "Ashwagandha has been added to the corona kit or coronil medicine that does not allow the coronavirus to enter the human body cells. Giloy has also been used in this medicine which prevents infection.” Patanjali has also informed that this drug also contains a mixture of basil which will prove to be invasive for COVID-19.

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