Uttarakhand: Migrants Fear Hunger More Than COVID-19

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Uttarakhand: Migrants Fear Hunger More Than COVID-
Migrant labourers in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani are not worried about dying from the coronavirus but are scared that they might expire from hunger and thirst. If there is no roof over their heads, it’s still alright but two square meals are a must to survive.

These labourers are struggling to survive in Haldwani, along with their month-old infants, who cannot even be fed milk as there is no arrangement for it.

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They have many questions but no answers to them.

They can find neither work nor money and going home has also been reduced to a dream. 

The labourers allege that since the lockdown, the administration has distributed raw ration to them just twice.

These people, pleading for help, are from Uttar Pradesh, who work as mining labourers in the Gaula river. 

The Gaula river provides the highest amount of revenue to the Uttarakhand government and also quenches the thirst of 4 lakh people.

However, in the lockdown, even this river has stopped a source being of help to these migrant labourers.

Hundreds of families from various districts of Uttar Pradesh are living in shanties along this river.

Due to a food crisis, these people knocked on the doors of local public representatives and received some help, which unfortunately proved to be severely insufficient.

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