Visually Challenged Girls Perform Garba In Indore

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Visually Impaired Girls Garba
On the last day of Navratra in Indore, visually-challenged girls performed the Garba in the worship of the goddess. Around 150 girls formed small groups and did the Garba dance.

Indore based visually-challenged girls holding dandiya in their hands are enjoying the festivities to the fullest.

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While the girls cannot see, looking at their Garba performance, it is impossible to guess that despite being blind, they can perform the Garba with such grace and beauty. Around 150 visually-challenged girls, in small groups, performed the Garba dance.

Today is the last and final day of the nine-day long Navratra celebrations. People from various parts of the country can be seen immersed in Garba festivities.

Apart from Gujarat, pictures of Garba celebrations coming in from Indore make it clear that Garba fever has gripped every section of society.

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