Whether Village Or City, Men Outside & Women At Home Do More Work

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Whether Village Or City, Men Outside & Women At Ho
The National Statistical Office (NSO) has released a very interesting report about how much time men and women allot to their work. According to this report released this month, an Indian, whether a woman or a man, spends about 130 minutes or more than 2 hours per day in religious and social work.

The report also sheds light on how much Indian men do household work. According to this, where a woman living in rural areas gives more than 284 minutes, or more than 4.5 hours a day, in household work and domestic tasks, the average man does only 38 minutes’ worth of household chores every day.

The condition is more or less the same in cities. A woman living in an urban area spends 268 minutes on domestic chores, but a man spends only 31 minutes. 

Regarding employment to run a livelihood, in rural areas an average man spends 243 minutes per day to earn money, while a rural woman spends only 61 minutes.

Since there are more jobs in cities, here a man spends 307 minutes a day to earn money, while an urban woman 62 minutes. It is clear that the woman in rural areas works almost as much as the woman living in a city does to run the household.

In terms of learning something, then men are ahead of women. A big reason for this is their leisure time because they spend less time on household chores.

According to this report, a village man spends 102 minutes in learning or studying/writing, while a village woman spends 82 minutes. Whereas an urban man spends 101 minutes in learning, a city woman spends 88 minutes.

The report brings out another interesting point in how an urban man spends 157 minutes in leisure activities such as cultural events and sports, while an urban woman spends 168 minutes.

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