Who Are The People Who Offered Namaz Inside Mathura Temple?

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Who Are The People Who Offered Namaz Inside Mathur
In Mathura, a case has been lodged against four people in Barsana police station for offering Namaz in the temple premises of Nand Baba. The FIR against Faisal Khan, Chand Mohammad, Nilesh Gupta, and Alok Ratan has been charged with increasing tensions between communities, insulting the religion, and sections related to criminal activity against religion. One of the members, Faisal Khan has been arrested from Delhi.

The question is who is Faisal Khan? Faisal is associated with a non-governmental organisation called ‘Khudai Khidmatgar’. The organization has played a big role in the freedom movement, which was created by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, popularly known as Frontier Gandhi. Faisal Khan reactivated this organisation in 2011 and started organising programs that convey the message of peace, brotherhood, and social harmony.

To give the message of faith in all religions, Faisal Khan decided to travel to 84 Kosi Yatra of Braj. After the conclusion of the yatra, Faisal reached the temple of Nandababa with his companions on October 29. Taking the permission of the priests there, he offered the namaz near gate number two. His companions took the picture so that it could be broadcasted as a message of harmony between the two communities.

But there was an uproar as soon as the picture hit social media. It was termed as a ‘conspiracy to attack the temple’. There was a call for revenge. This is surprising. In the same Brajbhoomi, famous Pashtun poet Raskhan was immersed in Krishnabhakti, but in 21st century India, it is a crime for Faisal Khan to do the same.

Faisal Khan has said that he is ready for any kind of investigation. He claims that he prayed there after the request of the temple priest. At the time of prayer, the priest said the Namaaz can be offered here.

Faisal Khan is also associated with the National Movement Front dedicated to social harmony. The Front has issued this statement on his arrest-

“Faisal Bhai is the convenor of an organisation called Khudai Khidmatgar. This organisation was formed by a great hero like Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, called Frontier Gandhi. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was also a five-time Namazi. Faisal Khan is also a five-time Namazi. He is a Muslim. Conveying the message of tolerance and harmony to the youth within the society. Holi, Diwali, and Janmashtami are celebrated with pomp at their home. They often recite the message of Lord Krishna in the Gita text.”

Now it neither suits fundamentalist Muslims nor fundamentalist Hindus. Faisal Bhai, who believes in the truth of all religions, was in a temple during the 84 Kosi Parikrama in Braj. When it was time for the prayer, the priest said that this is also God’s house, pray here. This was Faisal Bhai’s favorite thing. They can pray to Allah by sitting at the feet of Lord Krishna. He did the same but communal politics made him their fodder. Throughout the day, Faisal was made a conspirator by several news channels. In the evening he was arrested from his house in Delhi and taken to Barsana.

Faisal is a well-known social worker, believes in communal harmony, and follower of Gandhiji and Frontier Gandhi. The National Movement Front strongly opposes every attempt to implicate him in any communal conspiracy and demands his release at the earliest.” 

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