WHO Joins TikTok To Tackle Misinformation On Coronavirus

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WHO Joins TikTok To Tackle Misinformation On Coron
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has joined TikTok to raise awareness among people across the world about the risks posed by the coronavirus and is showing viewers methods of preventing the deadly infection through videos posted on the app. 

WHO doctors have found a new method of giving tips to people through the TikTok video to help them avoid risk of infection from the growing outbreak of the coronavirus. The video shows wearing masks, taking precautions and several other methods of prevention very effectively.

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WHO got more than 1 lakh followers and more than 80,000 likes as soon as it created its TikTok account. WHO said that “we are now on TikTok and here too, we will keep giving you reliable and timely public health advice.”

Evidently, people around the world are apprehensive about the coronavirus. While more than 3,000 people have died from this disease, more than 88,000 people have been infected by it.

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