Women Of Delhi's Zakir Nagar Protest Against CAA

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Women Of Delhi's Zakir Nagar Protest Against CAA
There has been a deluge of protests across the country against the central government’s controversial Citizenship Law. After being held in large cities in India and abroad, these protests have now reached the country’s bylanes and colonies.

One such protest was organised in Delhi’s Zakir Nagar, where women stepped out of their homes, along with their children, in the bitter cold. The women gathered there said that they are ready to fight but will not prove their citizenship in front of the current government.

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With candles and posters of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar -- the Father of the Constitution -- in their hands, these women, who usually stay at home, say that the current government wants not only to alter the Constitution of India but is trying to instigate people to fight with each other in the name of religion.

Nishat Siddiqui said that it is India’s unique identity that over here, people of all religions live together peacefully and Prime Minister (PM) Modi has no right to engage in divisive politics.

Nazma, a protester, said that PM Modi has blatantly lied about detention centres. She added that if this government has its way, it will send foreign citizens to live in the homes of Muslims and Muslims to detention centres.

Shabana, another protester, said that if the people of India can elect Narendra Modi as PM, they can also remove him from that post.

These women protesters made it clear that it is acceptable to them to set their identification documents on fire and fight for their rights, but they will not bow down before the current government.

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