Garba Celebrations In Full Swing In Gujarat

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Garba Celebrations In Full Swing In Gujarat
With the start of Navratra, people everywhere are celebrating Garba with great gusto. Everyone seems fully immersed in Garba festivities.

From the pictures coming in from various parts of Gujarat, it can be deduced how Gujaratis are soaking up Garba celebrations. These people, who can be seen enjoying Garba to the hilt, are from Baroda in Gujarat, where thousands of dancers are doing the Garba together with a lot of fanfare.

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Navratras have begun and people around the country are immersed in the colours of Garba. Dandia music can be heard as soon as evening comes on. Especially on seeing pictures coming in from various areas in Gujarat, it can be seen that forgetting all else, people are fully enjoying Garba. 

Children are making the most of the festivities too. These pictures that you are seeing are from Surat in Gujarat, where children are doing Garba with roller-skates on and without any fear. Children have very beautifully shown great balance while roller-skating and doing dandia together.

Meanwhile, due to work commitments, the ground crew at Ahmedabad airport could not enjoy Garba on the occasion of Navratri. However, ground staff and crew members of some airlines did the Garba, and people watching them enjoyed it a lot. 

Young people across the country have acquired Garba fever and everyone is celebrating it in their own special way.

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