Apple Bans Clearview AI's Controversial Facial Recognition App

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Apple Bans Facial Recognition App Developed By Cle
Apple has banned the use of a facial recognition iPhone app developed by controversial startup Clearview AI for flouting its policies.

The company said the startup “violated” the terms of the enterprise developer program, meant for companies to use and distribute apps internally.

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Media reports claimed that Clearview AI — which claims to only cater to law enforcement officers — seems to have shopped its technology far and wide. It has been accused of offering access to its facial recognition software to external clients through the program, which includes many private-sector users, including Macy’s, Walmart and Wells Fargo.

The app allows its users to use their phone camera or upload a photo to search its database of 3 billion photos.

"We are in contact with Apple and working on complying with their terms and conditions," Clearview AI founder and CEO Hoan Ton-That said in a statement. "The app cannot be used without a valid Clearview account. A user can download the app, but not perform any searches without proper authorization and credentials," he added.

Apple has given Clearview AI 14 days to respond and rectify the issue.

Clearview AI has come under intense scrutiny since a January investigation revealed that the company scrapes public photos from social media sites, drawing ire from the big tech giants that claim Clearview AI misused their services.

But the company also drew attention from hackers when it confirmed a data breach in which its client list was stolen.

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