Boycott China: How Will 'Digital Strike' Work When 3 Out of 4 Smartphones In India Are Chinese

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Boycott China: How Will 'Digital Surgical Strike'

The central government has banned 59 Chinese mobile applications citing “national security” and “sovereignty” but mobile phone customers in the country are already under the heavy influence of Chinese companies. Mobile applications like UC Browser and many others come pre-installed in the smartphones made by Chinese companies.

According to the data-gathering website Statista, the number of smartphone users in the country has reached 40 crore this year, which is continuously increasing. On the other hand, the Counterpoint Research report says that 3 out of every 4 mobile phones in the country are Chinese. This means that out of 40 crore mobile phone users in the country, about 30 crore use the phones made by Chinese companies.

According to the research, Xiaomi holds the top spot with a 30% market share in India. Second, comes Vivo, which holds 17% of the Indian smartphone market. The Korean company Samsung has 16%, Realme 14%, and Oppo has a 12% share in the Indian mobile phone market. While other mobile phone manufacturers hold the remaining 11%.

Chinese mobile making companies have an agreement with Chinese mobile application companies that Chinese applications will come pre-installed in their mobile handsets. But now with the ban on Chinese applications, crores of Indian smartphone users are sure to face problems.

UC Browser alone has 13 crore users in India, whose market share is around 14.2%, highest after Google Chrome. In the month of June itself, UC Browser added 60 lakh new users in India. It is believed that after the ban on UC browser many people will shift to Google Chrome. It is also clear from the latest restrictions of the Central Government that the modalities of internet usage in the country will also change.

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