Google Removes Two Popular Indian Apps From Play Store

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Google Removes Two Popular Indian Apps From Play S

Within a day, Google has removed two viral Indian apps,'Remove China Apps' and 'Mitron', from the Android Play Store. However, the reason for the removal of 'Remove China Apps' is not yet clear, the Mitron app was removed for violating its spam and minimum functionality policy.

The 'Remove China Apps' was created by a Jaipur-based company that enabled the user to uninstall all Chinese apps from their mobiles at once. At the same time, the Mitron app was launched to compete with the Chinese app TikTok.

Usually, Google removes mobile applications from its platform that work against its policy. In media reports, it is being claimed that the Mitron app used to steal content from other apps, due to which this action was taken on it. However, the impact of the anti-China campaign is that, so far, more than 5 million people have downloaded the 'Remove China Apps'.

There is also a response from across the border to this campaign against Chinese products. Chinese government-backed newspaper Global Times has written an editorial in a threatening tone that the way Chinese companies are being treated in India, the same can be done with its Indian counterparts in Beijing.

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