IIT Kharagpur Students Build Indigenous Electric Three-Wheeler Deshla

by Darshit Singh 3 years ago Views 2764

In a bid to reduce vehicular pollution, a team of 50 students from IIT Kharagpur has developed an electric vehicle. The new green vehicle 'DESHLA', designed and built by the team, is set to pose a strong challenge to the current generation of three-wheeler autos and high-maintenance e-rickshaws, said an IIT Kharagpur statement.

The team is led by Professor Vikranth Racherla from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the institute.

Equipped with a powerful motor, lithium-ion battery that can last up to 6-7 years, high load carrying capacity, sturdy frame and easy manoeuvrability, the concept prototype had a successful test-run at the IIT Kharagpur campus.

 The vehicle is chargeable at home and can be driven at a maximum speed of 50km/hour. It is touted as a fully indigenous model and designed as a city passenger vehicle.

In contrast to the current three-wheelers in the market, Deshla is far more stable and jerk-free on bad roads. The vehicle uses hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical brakes for more effective braking.

The project was funded by industrialist and distinguished alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee who is the founder and Chairman of The Chatterjee Group (TCG).

Professor Vikranth Racherla and his students are now planning to seek seed funding to go commercial with their product.

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