ISRO's Eye In The Sky

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ISRO's Eye In The Sky
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to launch three satellites for the security and surveillance of India’s borders. One among the three satellites -- the Cartosat-3 satellite -- will be launched from Sriharikota on November 25, while the two other surveillance satellites will be launched in December.

The Cartosat-3 satellite will be placed in an orbit of 509 km at an inclination of 97.5 degrees. Along with this, the PSLV-C47 rocket will be launched from Sriharikota at 9.28 a.m. on November 25. The PSLV-C47 rocket will carry Cartosat-3 -- a third-generation earth imaging satellite -- and 13 commercial satellites of the United States.

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After the launch of Cartosat-3, ISRO will launch two more surveillance satellites in December -- the Risat-2BR1 and Risat-2BR2. These will be launched with the help of PSLV-C48 and PSLV-C49 from Sriharikota in December.

These satellites are very important for border security and they will serve as India’s eyes in the sky.

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