No Sign Of Lander Vikram On The Moon: NASA

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No Sign Of Lander Vikram On The Moon: NASA
The moon orbiter of American space agency NASA has once again failed to find lander Vikram. 

Edward Petro, project scientist at NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has confirmed this. He said that on October 14, NASA’s moon orbiter passed the south pole of the moon but it did not find any evidence of lander Vikram. Petro said that his camera team closely examined the photographs taken by the moon orbiter but they could not find any trace of lander Vikram.

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Earlier, NASA’s moon orbiter had passed the moon’s south pole on September 17. After studying pictures taken then, NASA had said that lander Vikram could not be located due to poor light and large shadows, but that some new information could come to light in pictures to be taken in October. But there was no trace of lander Vikram even in photographs taken on October 14.

In September, NASA had also claimed that lander Vikram had touched down on the lunar surface at a fast speed, whereas it had to descend onto the surface slowly.

Indian space agency ISRO’s space mission Chandrayaan-2 was launched on July 22, 2019, but on September 7, before landing on the moon’s south pole, ISRO had lost contact with lander Vikram.

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