Schools, Colleges Go Online To Teach Students Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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Schools, Colleges Go Online To Teach Students Amid
Educational institutions including private, government and semi-government schools and colleges are taking their classes online amid lockdowns due to fears of the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 has claimed over 8,000 lives globally including four in India and cases are surging frantically in Europe and Iran.

Following the Government’s advisory to shut down all public places attracting masses, educational institutions were shut too which led to students lagging behind their syllabus.

From Amity University in Noida to RV College of Engineering in Bangalore, institutes who already had the digital infrastructure have taken their classes online using several collaboration softwares like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Flock, etc.

Unacademy, India's largest learning platform, invited educational institutions across the country to conduct their classes online through its platform.

Bangalore-based learning app, Byju's, saw a 60% increase in the form of new users within a week after making the app free for all.

Students are given attendance upon joining the group video chat where a teacher would be conducting his/her lecture, says Abhay Pratap Singh who studies in IILM Lucknow.

(Screenshot of IILM Lucknow students during their online classes) 

Exchange of notes, discussions on topics also takes place within the channel creating a class-like environment, says Ishita Sharma, a college student at RV College of Engineering in Bangalore.

(Screenshot of a Bangalore college student attending her online classes from Lucknow) 

But most schools in India are not ready to switch online during the lockdown since they lack the basic digital infrastructure required for a smooth functioning of online classes.

Many teachers in the rural areas still struggle to work out with basic mail and apps which is proving out to be a big hindrance in taking online classes.   

School students in remote areas or villages are losing their crucial learning time and are lagging behind the syllabus.

Meanwhile, the UP Govt on Wednesday announced that all students up to class 8 would be promoted to the next class without examinations.

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