Twitter To Introduce Anti-Harassment Measures On Its Platform

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Twitter To Introduce Anti-Harassment Measures On I
Micro-blogging site, Twitter, plans to roll out a spree of reforms to make the platform more transparent to its users and make it an ideal place for ideas to get exchanged rather than turning it into a trolling playground.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, earlier announced to ban all political ads on the platform from November 22.

Dantley Davis, Twitter’s vice president of design and research, released a list of features that he’s excited to “explore” in 2020. There are going to be few fundamental changes to the way the micro-blogging site currently functions i.e how the retweet works and how freely other users are able to pull you up into their conversations.

The move is seen as a way to make the platform more pleasant through anti-harassment features.

While Davis’s tweet reflects that the company is working on ways to make the platform more sophisticated for its users but Twitter hasn’t gone official about it yet. In fact, none of the suggestions may come to pass at all.

But, if implemented, let’s look at how the platform might change dramatically -

- Users will have better control over their tweets so that no external user will be able to be a part of their conversion without their consent.

- Users will decide for themselves whether their tweets can be retweeted by others.

- Users will get better control related to the mentions feature, which will not only remove any user from the conversation but will also be able to remove themselves. In this way, they can be posted on Twitter only after the consent of the users.

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