Coronavirus Stings India Tourism Industry

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Coronavirus Stings India Tourism Industry
The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the world and its cases are increasing in India as well. The coronavirus has impacted India’s tourism industry too and the number of foreign tourists arriving in India in the past few days has fallen sharply.

Taking stringent steps in view of the increasing cases of the coronavirus, the government of India has suspended all foreign tourist visas till April 15. The government of India has also asked all Indian and foreign citizens abroad to avoid non-essential travel to India.

According to businesspersons involved in the tourism trade in Jaipur, businesses have suffered heavy losses due to the coronavirus.

According to the Tourism Ministry data, foreign tourists had been arriving in India in large numbers regularly since 2015 and their numbers were continuously increasing.

Government figures reveal that 17.42 million foreign tourists visited India in the year 2018. Earlier, in the year 2017, this figure was 16.81 million and in 2016, it was 15.03 million.

A look at month-wise tourist statistics shows that for the past few years, foreign tourists have been visiting India in large numbers between the months of December and March. 

The largest number of tourists in the year 2018 had arrived from Bangladesh, the United States and Britain. Apart from these three countries, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China, Germany and Russia are among the Top 10 nations.

During this period, foreign exchange income also increased. 

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