Elephant Climbs Fence: Cute Scene Can Turn Dangerous!

by GoNews Desk Nov 18, 2021 • 11:32 AM Views 896

IAS Supriya Sahu posted a video to her twitter yesterday which showed an elephant climbing over a fence in what appears to be a division between farmland and forest. Though its human-like movements and intelligence may impress us, we should keep in mind that it is an indication of persistent human-elephant conflict that has led to loss of lives and livelihoods for humans as well as destruction of habitat and reduction in numbers of elephants.

Since elephants require a large area and resources to roam and sustain their herds, they often come into contact with the rapidly expanding human population and increasing hunger for farmland. Elephants kill the most number of people of all wildlife and render significant damage to crops and fields as well. Attempts by farmers to resist their presence and natural routes leads to methods like erecting fences.

Elephants trying to climb these fences can get stuck midway and suffocate as their weight rests on their abdomens and they are unable to move. They become pinned down by their own weight and this is surely a tragic death for a gentle giant that is also represented as India's symbol around the world.