Human-Elephant Conflict Kills More Than 1 Person Every Day

by Rahul Gautam Sep 29, 2020 • 06:58 PM Views 822

Growing human interference in the forests is now becoming the reason for their deaths. As per Government latest figures, over the last six years, the human-elephant conflict has caused 2,633 deaths, while about 250 lives were claimed between 2015-2019 in tiger attacks. According to the data from the Ministry of Environment, elephants killed 418 people in 2014-15, 506 people in 2017-18 and 272 till September last year. The maximum deaths were recorded in Odisha with 447 deaths while 433 people died in West Bengal and 375 in Assam. In simple language, every day more than one person is being killed in an encounter with elephants.