Sir David Attenborough At COP 26 | “Is This How Our Story Will End?”

by GoNews Desk Nov 02, 2021 • 06:50 PM Views 1611

The celebrated British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, famous for his voice that has graced thousands of nature documentaries and films, underscored the urgency of the Climate Change Crisis in his address at COP 26. he said in his speech that human civilization and all other life forms we know today were able to thirve due to stable climatic conditions which are now being destroyed by humans. 

His presentation explained how humans have increased carbon levels in the atmosphere, and that the time for urgent climae action is already upon us as those who are facing its effects are not imaginary people of the future but the young generation of today. He said that human beings were the most advanced and succesful "problem solvers" on this planet Earth, and asked “Is This How Our Story Will End?” in context of our failure to stop the impending climate crisis.