Hypertension Pandemic? 127.8 Crore Suffering High BP Worldwide

by GoNews Desk Sep 17, 2021 • 08:43 AM Views 2477

The number of people dealing with hypertension (high blood pressure) has doubled in the world over the past 30 years. British journal The Lancet has cited a report by the organization Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factor Collaboration, from which this information is taken.

Compared to 1990, the number of people suffering from high blood pressure (BP) increased to 127.8 crore in 2019. Of these, 62.6 are women and 65.2 are men. According to the research, 41% women and 51% men are unaware of this condition, and consequently, by 2019 nearly 50% of all high blood pressure cases went untreated.

53% of men and 62% women affected by high BP did not seek treatment. Less than one in four women and one in five men get treatment for high BP, the report says.