2020 US Election Campaign: Racial Divide Over Pandemic & Economy

by Pankaj Pachauri Aug 29, 2020 • 10:54 AM Views 1939

With election day barely 70 days from now and a nation hammered by economic collapse and ravaged by pandemic, the US president Donald Trump, while using the White House for campaign event, rather devoted his speech to Democrat-bashing and knocked into nation’s racial divide to a largely maskless audience, with no physical distancing. GoNews’ Editor-in-chief Pankaj Pachauri gives an overview

An overview of the actual figures for the first time in the history of America, during a presidential election.

As the economy collapses, the US suffered the historic economic slowdown as the GDP fell to over 31% in the second quarter of the current fiscal.

Did President Donald Trump inherit a strong economy? A look at the data shows that after through the 2007 global financial crisis, the economy graph went downwards but since 2008 the US economy has been moving upward under the Obama presidency. 

In the US history, no president has been re-elected to power after recession in the last 96 years.