Attacks On Protestors Escalates Into Violence In Sri Lanka, MP Among 5 Killed

by GoNews Desk May 10, 2022 • 04:43 PM Views 59

The ongoing protests In Sri Lanka amid the worsening economic crisis spiralled into violence after a group of protestors were attacked by pro-Rajapaksa groups, who then retaliated by targeting government residences. One MP was among five killed yesterday on Monday, as properties belonging to ruling party members and their supporters were targeted all over Sri Lanka. AFP has reported that 150 anti-government protestors were injured on Monday on being attacked with sticks and clubs.

News reports say that the former Prime Minister has been evcuated by heavily armed troops in a pre-dawn operation. Over 70 petrol bombs were thrown into the residence after angry mobs breached the main gate. Structures celebrating the Rajapaksa family have been targeted all over the country, including memorials to their parents in their native village, wax statues of the two brothers, and more.