Deadly Tornadoes In US Leave At Least 70 Dead: Climate Change Link Unclear

by GoNews Desk Dec 13, 2021 • 07:12 PM Views 1030

The midwestern region consisting of five states of the United States were hit by a devastating spate of consecutive tornadoes that have left behind death tolls in the hundreds, and destroyed homes and businesses. The death toll is at least 70 and many areas have been let without electricity. As many as 30 tornadoes were reported across 6 states on Friday and Saturday.

The tornado primarily affected the state of Kentucky although it also caused damage and deaths in neighbouring Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee and Missouri, including at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois where 45 have survived while 5 have died and at a factory in Mayfield, Kentucky where the dead could number in the dozens as rescue and relief operations are still ongoing.

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