Far-Right Extremists Run Riot In Sweden's Malmo Town

by Shahnawaz Malik Aug 29, 2020 • 01:39 PM Views 1309

Riots engulfed Sweden's Malmo city on Friday hours after far-right Danish politician Rasmus Paludan was blocked from attending a Quran-burning rally, protesters threw stones at police and burned tires in southern Sweden, authorities said. According to Police and local media, about 300 people were on the streets of Malmo as violence escalated. Rasmus Paludan, who heads the far-right Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line, was due to travel to Malmo to speak at the Quran burning event, which was being held on the same day as weekly prayers for the Muslim sabbath. The authorities arrested Paludan near Malmo as he has been banned from entering Sweden for two years.