Russia Ukraine Conflict Day 9: Important Updates To Know Pt. 2

by GoNews Desk Mar 05, 2022 • 08:51 AM Views 953

Russia Ukraine Conflict Day 9: Important Updates To Know Today 

1.    Russia Has Captured Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant In Southeastern Ukraine Which Is The Largest In Europe. This Comes After Reports of Russian Strikes On Abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Site 
2.    Russia Has Denied Its Role And Blamed Ukrainian ‘Saboteurs’ For The Fire, Terming It A “Monstrous Provocation” 
3.    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Under The U.N. Has Ruled Out Risk Of Radiation Leakage Due To Fire 
4.    Airstrikes On Chernihiv Have Left 47 Dead, Say Ukraine Authorities. Russian Atack Continues In Slobozhanshchyna, Says Ukraine. Fighting Also Took Place In Gostomel, Ukraine Claims 10 Enemy Vehicles Destroyed 
5.    Kherson Under Russian Control: Other Cities Like Kyiv, Kharkiv, And Mariupol Remain Under Heavy Russian Attack . President’s Adviser Says Russian Attack Repelled On Port City Mykolayiv 
6.    NATO Foreign Ministers Hold Emergency Meeting On Russian Attack On Ukraine Today On Friday, March 4 At NATO HQ In Brussels. It Was Chaired By NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. 
7.    The EU’s Foreign Affairs Council Will Also Hold A Meeting On The Same Agenda Today. 
8.    The NATO Has Rejected Enforcing A ‘No Fly’ Zone Over Ukraine On Its Request, As It Would Mean Direct War With Nuclear-Armed Russia 
9.    In Lieu Of The No-Fly Zone, Volodymyr Zelenskyy Has Called For Additional Supply Of Fighter Planes From The West, Which Has Also Stalled 
10.    Stoltenberg Said it Is Important To Launch The ‘Moscow Mechanism’ To Investigate War Crimes By Putin. The UN Human Rights Council Voted To Open A Probe Into Rights Violation