'Save Me From Arranged Marriage!' British Muslim Man Seeks Wife Through Billboard, Goes Viral,

by GoNews Desk Jan 06, 2022 • 03:16 PM Views 1510

A 29-year old British Muslim man from London, Mohammad Malik, has come into the spotlight among netizens on social media for the giant billboard that he has bought and displayed in multiple locations around Birmingham and London that reads: “SAVE ME FROM ARRANGED MARRIAGE” and “Find me a wife” with the website www.findmalikawife.com given alongside. As of now, he has received over 400 applications and now the question is how he will select the woman who is to be his life partner.

Malik seems to have skipped conventional dating apps and go big to grab the most attention. Oh his website, he says that he is “an entrepreneur, a foodie, and religious” and is loiking for someone working on her ‘deen’, preferably in her 20s, and willing to be with a “single child” as a husband who looks after his parents. He describes his background as “a loud Punjabi family”.  

He says “always personality and faith over everything else” over his future prospective wife. He says “it’s tough out there” and that is why he had to purchase a billboard to get attention.

Malik comes across as a fun-loving person on his website, and has even included a contact form to get in touch with him directly. Talk about combining traditional family values with a modern touch, and you have this unique story of a Mohamad Malik connecting with his future wife through a billboard and a website!