Ukraine: Kharkiv Attacked; Indian Student Claims Embassy Not Responsive

by GoNews Desk Mar 03, 2022 • 08:39 AM Views 975

As Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine comes under Russian military attack, videos emerged showing the destruction of its city centre and downtown areas amid intense firing by Russia which also claimed the life of a 21-year Indian student from Karnataka.

Another Indian student is saying that the evacuation efforts by the government to take students out through bordering countries including Romania has not reached those who are situated 1,000 km. away from the border, and in close proximity to Russia, in Kharkiv. He said that Kharkiv houses the top universities of Ukraine and 7,000 Indian students study there.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla held a press conference on Tuesday, March 1, and said that no Indians are currently in the capital city of Kyiv.