US Election 2020: Dead Heat Amid A Deadly Disease

by Pankaj Pachauri Oct 20, 2020 • 12:29 PM Views 1252

With barely a fortnight before Americans choose their next president on November 3 amid pandemic, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is inching towards victory with a prediction of 87% chance, while Trump has a 13 in 100 chance of a win, largely due to his COVID infection which slipped his popularity in a matter of three weeks and put Biden on a course of a blowout victory. GoNews’ Editor-in-Chief Pankaj Pachauri gives an overview

The elections are crucial for the Indian immigrants, second-largest immigrant group living in the US, after Mexico. In a bid to lure them, Donald Trump Junior has also called India 'a good friend', he knows from New York to Texas, Indian immigrants form the largest diaspora.

The highest number of Indian immigrants are in California (7.3 lakh), followed by New York (3.7) and Jersey (3.7), Texas (3.5), Illinois (2.3) and Florida (1.