What is Pegasus, the spyware that 'hacked' the phones of many Indian celebrities including journalists?

by GoNews Desk Jul 21, 2021 • 06:48 PM Views 1194

The spyware 'Pegasus' made by the Israeli company NSO has once again come into the limelight. In a report that surfaced on Sunday, an international organization has claimed that more than 300 Indian businessmen and rights activists, including two Union ministers, more than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and a judge, have been targeted by Israeli spyware. Mobile numbers may also have been hacked. This spyware named Pegasus can be sold only to government agencies.

What is Pegasus?

This is potentially the most powerful spyware ever created exclusively by a private company. Pegasus is installed in the phones of the targets of this spyware. Once installed on the phone, your phone acts as a surveillance device. This means that Pegasus can not only read your messages but also copy them, tamper with your photos and record calls.