COVID: Third Wave Resurging In India, WHO Stresses 70% Vaccination In All Countries

by GoNews Desk Jan 05, 2022 • 07:28 PM Views 1303

The world and India is gearing up for a surge in Coronavirus pandemic infections. IN the USA, Europe and Australia, case counts are increasing alarmingly, driven by the new Omicron variant. 

  1. India Is Now Amid Third Wave Of Coronavirus Infections As Omicron Variant Cases Continue To Rise. Maximum Cases In Maharashtra With Over 13,888  Active Cases  
  2. COVID Cases Up 6 Times Over Past 9 Days, 56% Rise In Cases Recorded Over 24 Hrs, However, Recovery Rate Is At 98% As Well. Total Active Cases 42,174 With 534 Deaths
  3. Delhi Facing Its “5th Wave” Says Health Minister Satyendra Jain, Anticipates 10,000 Cases Today As Delhi’s Positivity Rate Hovers On 10%, Dominant Variant Is Omicron (85%)
  4. WHO Says Rapid Spread Of Omicron Variant Can Lead To Emergence Of Others, Even As New ‘IHU’ Variant More Virulent Than Omicron Detected In France Yesterday
  5. At The End Of 2021, India Missed Its Target Of 100% Vaccinations. Till Date, 147 Crore Vaccines Have Been Administered. 22.81 First Doses, 32.71 Second Doses Given In 24 Hrs To Adults, 85 Lakh To 15-17 Teens