Delhi Air Pollution: Claims Of 80% Efficiency Turn Out Taller Than Smog Tower

by GoNews Desk Dec 09, 2021 • 05:26 PM Views 1079

The Delhi government had claimed that the smog tower that it has installed in Connaught Place would yield results with 80% effectiveness, i.e., it would clean 80% of the polluted air in the region. Delhi suffers from acute air pollution problems every year and ‘smog towers’ were proposed as an immediate solution.

Questions had been raised about the effectiveness of the smog towers, and rightfully so, since readings of air pollution levels show that that only around 34-43%, which is less than half. The smog tower, described as a ‘pilot project’ by the government, has been built at a cost of ₹20,000 crore and had been iaugurated on 23rd August by CM Arvind Kejriwal himself. He had said then that if the pilot project yields results then it will be constrcted throughout the capital.

Kejriwal had claimed that his is the first government which had established smog towers which turned out to eb false. After this, in October, the Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai had said in a report that the smog towers had an 80% effectiveness.