Electoral Bonds: Corporate World Smiles On BJP, Shuns Congress

by GoNews Desk Dec 06, 2021 • 06:35 PM Views 854

The BJP is the country’s largest political party and the backing of the corporate world plays a big part in its apex status. Recently released data shows tha the BJP reeived 85% of all political donations through the Prudent Electoral Trust, whereas the Congress has received lesser than regional parties despite being the oldest national party in the country. The Congress has received 93% less than last year which is a breathtaking slip-down indeed.

During 2020-21, corporate houses donated a total of ₹245.7 crore the Prudent Electoral Trust which is 9% less than last year’s ₹271 crore donate in 271 crore. While the COgress party received ₹31 crore last year, it could only rake in ₹2 crore this year. The Election Commission has been handed over the record of donations received by the Prudent Electoral Trust, on the basis of which this report has been prepared.

The Indian Express reported on that the BJP received ₹405.25 crore through Prudent Electoral Fund in 2016-18 which amounted to almost half, i.e.,44% of its total.